Another Day Rises, Make the Best of Your Day, and Always Cherish Your Day with your Loved Ones in The Rivervale

MOMENTS in The Rivervale 

CP Loh, our Veteran council member will be stepping down from our Rivervale Condo Council after volunteering and contributing immensely to the management and betterment of our Estate for more than 15 years. Throughout this period he has worn multiple hats including Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary, Treasurer and most importantly for many years as Building Maintenance Secretary.

Here we catch up with him and do a 1-1 interview with him on his past contributions and his thoughts for the future of The Rivervale Condo. 


1. How long have you been a council member ?

since Day the 1st Rivervale Council was formed in year 2000.

2. What make you volunteer to sit on the council ?

I am the type that don’t sit around when I see there are things that I can do or contribute, especially where our homes are concerned. If more people can step forward and contribute something, I believe our estate will be a fantastic place to live. 

3. As you are one of the pioneers of The Rivervale Council, tell us more about early days on the council's formation.

In Earlier days it was a big learning curve, as all of us were new to estate management. Thus getting a good and experienced Managing Agent was important at that time. Fortunately, Our managing agent Newman and Goh had been very responsive in helping us manage the condo manager constant turnover . Often the good ones did not stay long, and the not so good ones who could not perform were replaced.

Over time, we learned to accept that this is a industry wide problem and we did our best to complement and back up the weaknesses of the weaker CMs.

All the council members are volunteers, taking time off from their precious schedule to contribute and without any personal gains or returns.

On many occasions during council meetings, we had disagreements, we argued out, and if there is no consensus, we had a vote and our decisions were based on majority votes.

A very democratic committee , no autocratic or one man decision making even the Chairman has no VETO rights.

Chairman's Acknowledgement
Our Estate is indeed honored to have Mr. Loh on the Rivervale Management Council and contributing his Engineering knowledge and time to help take care of the Estate's Common Properties.  I must say Mr. Loh did not join the Council since Day 1 because Mr. Loh have been contributing towards this Estate way before the formation of the MC.  He started with the Protem Committee where we started engaging the Developer on building defects and many more very difficult issues since the day we get our keys.  I remembered the day when we went door to door together reaching out to all our residents about the formation of the Management Council and how we want to self-manage and self-sustain the common good of this Estate.
We will definitely miss Mr. Loh's contribution and presence in the Estate and I want to wish him well.  On a side note, I echo what Mr. Loh have said and encourage to have more enthusiastic and idealistic younger residents to come forward to serve the community.  This is our Estate and all of us own part of the common area, if we don't take charge and manage our own Estate who will.
Finally, thank you CP for your tireless and selfless contribution intending to make this Estate a place where everyone can call HOME.  All the best and do come back to visit us especially during our annual CNY Celebration.   
Michael Lee

However, at the end of the day, we really worked it out as a team, no personal grudges and attacks and had built up a close knit friendship with understanding of each other’s strength and weaknesses.


4. What were your most memorable contributions?

Being a businessman myself, I am very cost conscious and take great pride in controlling unnecessary expenses as well as extracting maximum values from contractors, vendor and suppliers, always keeping in mind every cent saved goes to our future fund and saving. 

5. What do you like about staying in The Rivervale? 

The Rivervale is a nice estate, it is green, has a good layout, not so cramped like some newer condo. and really value for money, given the low price it is commanding now. Location wise, it is not too far from most amenities, parks, and transport modes, including Buangkok MRT.

Seriously I like this place and has no intention to sell my current unit. I may consider shifting back after my retirement, given its easy accessibility to most amenities and parks.

6. Do you have any wishes to RV residents or council members? 

My appeal is for more residents especially the younger one with energy, drive and passion to step forward and give our estate a jump start or make over. Most current council members are mostly old hand and very busy men good, only good at running status quo. We need new hands to come in with new ideas, and think out of the box to introduce and see through with new activities and amenities etc

Parting Message from CP Loh:

On behalf of all the residents, I must also take this opportunity to thank all the council members, in particular, the founding members, Mike, Albert and William who have been with the council since Day 1 for the GOOD work done. Your time and effort put into this estate have made The Rivervale a much nicer and cosy place to stay, a place we are happy and look forward every day to come back and proud to call HOME. 

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