Rules of Putting Up Ad

This is a Free Classifieds System setup to facilitate easy and convenient means of engagement between residents who have a need/want and resident/s who can provide a free or paid service/product to meet the need/want.  

As such, all residents/owners can only

  • Post Ad related to his/her OWN need/want
  • Post Ad related to his/her OWN service/product

All residents/owners must follow Ad CONTENT compliance

  • No contact information should be in the DESCRIPTION column
  • No vulgarities or obscene or suggestive words should be used

All resident/owners are NOT allowed

  • to post on behalf of 3rd parties who are not residing here.
  • to act as solicitor of business on behalf of 3rd parties (residing here or otherwise)
  • Such Ads will be taken down immediately if found.

Intellectual Property / Ownership Rights

  • Ad Poster must own the Intellectual Property/Ownership Rights to the content being sold or hired out. We the website owner will reserve the RIGHT to take down any AD that is deemed to the Contrary

These Rules are currently NOT exhaustive and shall be added as time progresses. Ads Posted will be regularly scanned to meet compliance of these rules




We, the owner of this website grants you the right to upload images on the server that will be visible to and accessible by the public (inclusive of The Rivervale Residents). 

Images underlie copyrights and third party rights. 

Solely upload images that you have taken yourself and that are certainly free of third party rights. 

We reject any responsiblility for images uploaded by you and will pass on all third party claims that subject copyright violation or other forms of misuse. 

By uploading image you give your explicit consent to this agreement.