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Dear SP

This year’s Diwali celebration held on 10 Nov 2018 at the clubhouse was a great success again. There was a huge turnout from the residents. Despite the function was momentarily stalled due to rain, the enthusiasm in residents and kids was fascinating.

On behalf of the organising committee, we like to extend our appreciation to Khairul , Mak (condo manager) and technician who were on the spot and able to quickly execute plan B to continue celebration in front of function hall door as it rained.

Our fellow Indian residents are very grateful to management staff for making this event successful especially in areas of logistical support in particular from Khairul such as stage/lights setup, registration , lucky draw , dinner coupon, PA system arrangements, security, cleaning to name a few.

Thank you again Khairul, Mak and team for all your assistance in making this event successful.


Dinesh (Council Member/Organising Committee)

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