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Dear residents

The Rivervale Condo Singaporean Residents received their MOE merit, bursary and other awards on the 26 January 2019 at The Rivervale Level 1 Carpark (Goldencarp area). These awards are presented annually to deserving Singapore Citizen Students. It was also held in The Rivervale last year. 

The recipients received their awards under these categories 

  1. 1. EAGLES (Edusave for Achievement , Leadership and Service)
  2. 2. EMB (Education Merit Bursary)
  3. 3. GPA (Good Progress Award)
  4. 4. Achievement Awards for Special Education
  5. 5. Edusave Skills Awards

  6. Pics

Congratulations to all deserving students staying in the Rivervale. Keep up the good work.