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Dear Residents, 

The Rivervale deserving Singaporean students received their Edusave awards at The Rivervale Premises last saturday on 17 Jan 2015.


These monetary awards are given to students for EAGLES (leadership in CCA), character, Good Progress and Bursary on a yearly basis.

The event was also held at The Rivervale in Jan last year.

For this year there were close to 110 such student residents who received these awards.

The occasion was graced by our MP Mr Gan Thiam Poh (pic left) and the ceremony was intiaited by our Chairman of our Council Mr Michael Lee (pic right).  


The MC for the day was also our very own, Ms Jia Xuan (a university undergrad), a long time resident of Angelfish block.

Her mother Phyllis was the MC for last year event. Volunteering genes sure runs in their family household.







Among the many recipients were two 16 year old girls who have studied in the same schools (Nan Chiau Primary and Presbytarian High) for 10 years together. And they have been good friends and neighbours for more than 10 years as well. Both received EAGLES awards.

They are Ellen (left on pic) and Jia Min (right on pic) who also happen to be the daughters of long time council members William and Albert (respectively) ,coincidentally have been on the council for more than 10 years as well .






Publicity Secretary

More pics here